The story of a lifetime, preserved on video.

The story of a lifetime
preserved on video.


Life Stories

By recording your loved one sharing the stories of their life, we create custom video collections that preserve their memories for future generations.


When we encourage those we care about to share their stories, we create an opportunity to celebrate their lives and show them how much they mean to us.


The Power of Story

Family stories have the power to entertain us, teach us, and deepen our connection with those we love.


How does the process work?

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With input from the family, we create a set of custom questions designed to capture the most meaningful memories, lessons, and stories of an individual’s life. 

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In the comfort of your home, a 2-hour face-to-face conversation is recorded and edited into a collection of short video stories.

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The collection of videos is delivered digitally so the stories can be easily preserved for future generations to experience.

It’s time.

Let’s tell the story of a lifetime.